50 Fun Icebreakers for Office & Virtual Meetings 2024

The person enacting the word will be muted and the team members have to guess the word. The team that guesses maximum words correctly emerges as the winner. This is another fun activity and interesting game which makes you recollect the birthday month of all your teammates. If there are about members, the game can become more challenging. For instance, if the topic is comets, and the person is John, then John has to list out names of five comets which can be Halley, Hyakutake, Biela, Chiron, and Hale-Bopp. Once this player finishes naming five things from the given topic, then he needs to choose another topic and player.

  • Better yet, with Halloween coming up, you can host a family costume contest.
  • Alternatively, make this a weekly virtual meeting icebreaker activity by selecting a different subject before your meetings.
  • While actual live debates could be fun, online debates are no less.
  • This is especially useful during team discussions to ensure you capture everyone’s thoughts.
  • It could be a skill that contributes to the workplace or their personal life.
  • Duplicate the template and share the link with your team.
  • Ask your team to pick one to three essentials and ask everyone to explain why they chose them.

Before starting the activity, it’s essential to set some ground rules to ensure that the session is productive. You can remind everyone to respect each other’s ideas and opinions, avoid interrupting or dominating the conversation, and adhere to the time limit. This should lead you to just the right virtual icebreaker. Set the number of players, drawing time, and number of rounds before sending the link over to your team. Icebreaker games vary; the best ones take little preparation and can be done on the fly.

The Desert Island Game

This is a classic icebreaker that can easily be played virtually. To play, each person will share three things about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. Everyone else in the group then has to try to guess which of the three things is the lie. For a more directed experience, invite groups to make a personal wish, a professional wish for the company and a wish for someone else on their team. These wishes can make for interesting discussions that can feed into the rest of your workshop. Finally, invite everyone to share one dimension for each coloured dot if they’re comfortable and have a short debrief on what everyone learned.

  • You can customize this game to suit the participants’ preferences and familiarity with different music genres.
  • Me Too is on the top list of virtual icebreaker ideas for meetings.
  • Using an open text poll, encourage your team to share their failure or struggle in Slido as well so that people can see that they’re not alone in being imperfect.
  • You can also keep it fresh by setting a theme for every meeting and asking questions of that particular theme or category.
  • It’s especially interesting if your workplace has people of various ages who can bring different perspectives.
  • You could also get your mural printed and give every employee a copy to hang in their own workspace.

Discuss what everyone searched for in the toy aisle during their childhoods. Others may have shared the same interests, which leads to team bonding. Everyone can pitch one title and laugh over their shared likes or dislikes.

Fun And Exciting Virtual Icebreakers For Remote Work

In this activity, the players present weird questions and take turns to answer. Yes, icebreaker games are free and are very simple to implement in your virtual team building routine. If your team uses Slack, you can play free icebreaker games like Would You Rather, Two Truths and a Lie, icebreaker questions and co-worker questions with Ricotta Trivia. These ice breakers for zoom meetings can be used for engaging your coworkers during virtual meetings.

For brevity’s sake, it’s best to break it down into simple categories such as first name, last name, and one fact about each person. Just about everyone has played video games at icebreakers for virtual meetings some point in their lives (guilty), so it’s a pretty safe bet. Bonus points if you are familiar with the classics (and by that of course I mean NBA Jam and Crash Bandicoot).

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